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Why You Should Consider a Fifth Wheel When Looking for Trailers and Motorhomes

With summer around the corner, people are gearing up for camping and road trips. If you’re looking to buy a new trailer or motorhome for more comfortable summer adventuring consider a fifth wheel vehicle for your home on the road. Fifth wheels have the many comforts of motorhomes but are often more spacious, convenient, and less costly when it comes to maintenance and fuel use. When you’re deciding on trailers and motorhomes, consider these great benefits to owning a fifth-wheel trailer:

Cost Effective

Since fifth wheels are towed by trucks—being hitched on the back of the truck with a fifth-wheel hitch—your fifth wheel’s fuel usage will depend on your truck’s fuel economy. And since trucks are more fuel efficient than motorhomes, you can get further with less fuel and save more money.


Fifth wheels are extremely convenient because they can be parked and unhitched, allowing you to have use of your truck without towing your trailer everywhere. If you want to go shopping for food, treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant, or explore your area, you can easily use your truck and have more flexibility with travel because you won’t have to lug your trailer around.


One of the top advantages to owning a fifth wheel trailer is that they tend to have plenty of living space. Since they don’t have a cab at the front for driving, there is more space and flexibility with interior designs compared to motorhomes. Fifth wheels have comfortable living areas including a workspace or nook for those who have to work while on the road.

Less Maintenance

Fifth wheels tend to have fewer maintenance costs compared to motorhomes because they do not have the same parts or experience the same wear and tear. Your main maintenance concerns will be for your truck, and trucks tend to also cost less in maintenance. Also, insurance for fifth wheels often costs less than insurance for motorhomes.

These trailers are spacious and luxurious homes away from home, with the added convenience of being able to park the trailer and venture off without towing it. You also won’t have to worry too much about maintenance costs for your fifth wheel and you will end up spending less on gas compared to travel with a motorhome. If you own a truck or are planning to buy one, fifth wheels are a great option for comfortable life on the road.

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