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Often misunderstood and bought for the wrong reasons, the slide out cover is a great add on to an RV with slide out rooms. It consists in a vinyl canopy mounted on a spring loaded aluminium tube that expands and retracts as you operate the slide out room.

A number of RV owner are installing this accessory to stop water infiltration problem from the slide out. It is important to understand that if you have this problem, it is a big issue that needs to be corrected otherwise (contact us for a  free inspection) because a slide out cover will prevent some water but since it is not its purpose, water may continue to get in. The main purpose of a slide out cover is to prevent small debris like tree branches and pine cones from damaging the slide out seal and maybe getting inside when retracting the slide out room. For RV owners that don’t have a slide out cover, it is recommended to do a visual check on the slide out roof everytime before closing it in.

When water collects on the top of the fabric, this is known as pooling. This happens during heavy rain and is a normal situation but it is important to dump the water accumulation to prevent fabric stretching. To do this, manufacturer recommend to retract the slide out 8″ to 12″ at a time.

If you are interested in buying a slide out cover, you Awningwill need the following measurement from the slide out you want to cover;

  • Flange lenght.
  • Roof lenght.
  • Flange width.



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