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What would be an RV without an awning, that wonderful accessory that allows you to enjoy the outside even in the heat or rain. The lifetime of a canopy depends on number of factors: element exposure and damages of any kinds. A RV canopy is generally made of vinyl or acrylic and available in 6 colors or so depending on the manufacturer.

When the time comes to replace the fabric on an awning, to get a price or to place an order, you will be asked to provide some information about the make and model, the lenght and the color. It can be helpful to get the information from a tag on the roller tube or the fabric itself if still there and not too discolored. If not, most of awning fabric are universal but you want to make sure to provide the right lenght of the awning if you don’t want a fabric that will be 12 inches shorter than the one you already have.

There is a lot of different locations we can take measurement on a awning and this can sometimes lead to getting the wrong size of fabric. The correct way to measure an awning is from center of the left arm to center of the right arm, that way, you will get the right lenght of the awning. As the fabric is always about 9″ smaller that the size of the awning, you will always get ,as an example, a 15’4″ fabric for a 16′ awning (measured).Awning Tips

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