Fifth Wheels


Achieve new heights in camping comfort with a fifth wheel trailer! We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything quite like our Fifth Wheels travel trailers before.

What distinguishes fifth wheels from other recreational vehicles is the raised section that sits over your truck bed, usually housing the master bedroom or the living room. Fifth wheels are designed to provide maximum comfort to all occupants, as these two-level units offer several comfortable areas.

The fifth wheel trailer must be towed by a pickup truck, equipped with a special attachment called a fifth wheel hitch. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the trailer detaches from the towing vehicle, allowing you to go about your business and explore the surrounding areas freely. Park your fifth wheel somewhere majestic and explore your beautiful surroundings!

Fifth Wheels and Trailer Facilities

Fifth wheel trailers are of course furnished with all of the amenities of home: beds, a shower, a dining area, a kitchen and an audio-visual area. After a day of discovery and exploring your new surroundings, you’ll feel at home in your fifth wheel, even if you’re thousands of kilometres away.

Besides providing comfort and convenience, fifth wheels boast the best views in town. They often feature a large picture window at the rear, which allows you to fully enjoy and take in the scenery. Feast your eyes on the beautiful destinations you’ve always dreamed of exploring.

Models and Options

Are you looking for something a little more lavish? Several manufacturers offer luxury models that are even more spacious and elegant. You will quickly become accustomed to the luxuries of your new environment; you may even opt to sleep in your fifth wheel while it’s parked in the yard!

Fifth wheels often offer slide-out options, with some models featuring as many as 4 slide-out sections. This allows you to enhance the size of your living area with the touch of a button! You can extend the wall outwards up to 3.5 feet; this extra space combined with the high ceilings of the trailer makes the fifth wheel the most spacious RV available.

Are you interested in a fifth wheels trailer, but you don’t have a heavy-duty pickup truck? Ask an RV expert at Roulottes Desjardins about lightweight fifth wheels that can be towed by smaller trucks with less towing capacity.