Used Trailers (All Models)


Do you dream of wide open spaces and becoming one with nature, but the cost of new RVs stops you in your tracks? At Roulottes Desjardins, we know what could save your grand vacation plans: buying a used trailer.

Take advantage of the depreciation of recreational vehicles. After only a few years on the market, trailers lose a significant percentage of their value. Buying a used RV is therefore an attractive option for those who cannot–or do not want to–buy new.

Daily life comes with responsibilities that often overshadow your dreams of adventure and luxury. Adult life is expensive, and vacations are not always at the top of your priority list: bills, tuition, and renovations regularly take a toll on your savings account. By opting to buy a used trailer, you can enjoy an RV with features and equipment that you may not otherwise have permitted yourself.

Used Trailers For Sale

Like used cars, used trailers are popular among buyers because they allow significant savings without compromising on the condition of the vehicle. Since they are typically only used during a few weeks every year, trailers generally remain in excellent condition, even after years of use. In addition, used RVs have an undeniable charm. We’re certain that you’ll fall in love with one of our used models!

If the RV experience interests you, but you aren’t willing to pay a large sum, used trailers can be a great option for first time buyers looking to determine what type of adventurer they really are! Your first used trailer could become the backdrop of many beautiful family moments and adventures shared with loved ones. It will also help you determine the level of comfort necessary to keep your family happy on vacation; will your next RV be a tent trailer, or a motorhome?

Visit us in-store to admire our vast selection of used trailers. Our experts can show you several different models, and help you make an informed decision today!