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    By checking this box and submitting this application, I am hereby accepting and providing Roulottes Desjardins with my consent to gather, keep and disclose my personal information, which may be used by Roulottes Desjardins and/or agents and/or suppliers and/or service providers (collectively "Brokers") to obtain credit, financing and other personal information (including without limitation a credit report and score, a consumer information report and other information) related to myself by any credit evaluation agency and credit bureau agency and to contact me and advise me on credit available to me in relation to financial products and/or service buying financing. In addition, I accept and consent to the fact that the personal information provided above may be disclosed to the web hosting provider of Roulottes Desjardins and other web service providers having access to the Roulottes Desjardins' website for marketing purposes. The personal information that I am providing and the credit information regarding myself may also be used and retained by Roulottes Desjardins in order to facilitate the application process in the event that I choose to obtain a credit or financing product through Roulottes Desjardins.