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What Sets Jayco RVs Apart From The Crowd

Travelling with the family is a time-honoured tradition, whether it’s a quick trip to visit the grandparents in a nearby city or a summer-long vacation at a campground several provinces away. Travelling in style and comfort is something that continues to grow as RV (recreational vehicle) models push the envelope for technology and comfort while staying in a reasonable price range. Jayco RV models are a cut above the rest for several reasons, especially their fifth wheel models.

A fifth-wheel RV is equipped with a raised section that sits over your truck bed, housing a master bedroom or living room. Fifth wheels are easily detachable once you arrive at your RV park, so you can go exploring with the family. But what else sets Jayco models apart from other RVs?


Jayco model RVs have superior quality parts and engineering practices that make use of top-of-the-line construction materials. Jayco models also use custom-manufactured frames and a warranty unmatched elsewhere in the industry.

Whether you are getting used to Climate Shield during the winter or summer, or enjoying the industry leading JRide, Jayco models go above and beyond to offer you the safest and most comfortable ride possible. Travel in style, comfort, and safety with a Jayco RV.


Jayco models, including their fifth wheel lineup, are part of a highly-regarded brand that has been a bestseller and industry leader for 11 years and counting. Jayco’s also one of the oldest and most successful RV manufacturers on the market, and their excellence has been recognized with their 77 Dealer Satisfaction Index Gold Circle Awards. You can’t beat a reputation like that, especially when it’s backed with history and a commitment to excellence!


Jayco RVs, including their fifth wheels, also have a special focus on sustainability. Each RV is manufactured with an aim towards reducing their carbon footprint, cutting down on waste and consumption, and offering competitive RV fuel efficiency. At the end of the day, these are all sustainable savings benefits you get to experience when you choose Jayco.

It’s clear that Jayco RVs, especially their fifth wheels, offer award-winning quality and sustainability that will allow you to focus on what’s really important: making memories with your family. Don’t hesitate to contact your local RV dealer to discuss your options when purchasing an RV or to answer any questions you might have.

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