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When the time comes for RV storage, battery storage should not be overlooked to extend its lifetime and efficiency. Here are some important storage guidelines for a typical RV lead/acid battery;

  • Always wear protective glasses when working with batteries.
  • A dirty battery with corroded posts will self discharge faster than a clean battery. Use a paste made of sodium bicarbonate and water, apply generously on battery posts, corrosion is neutralized when solution stops working.
  • Charge the battery when you read tension under 12.45V. or if a hydrometer reading is under 1.225 spécific. Check again after 90 days.
  • Store the battery in a cool and dry place (between 0 & 27 deg.C) far from heat sources, this may accelerate self discharge.
  • NEVER let a battery on a low intensity charger for more than 48h. This could seriously damage the battery.

If the reading of the battery is under 9.6V, it could be a good thing to bring it to the store for a proper maintenance. Generally, good quality battery will have a 5 years lifetime.

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